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The measure is intended to punish Russia for meddling in the 2016 U. election, annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region and support for Syria's government in the six-year-long civil war. Senate voted nearly unanimously on Thursday for legislation to impose new sanctions on Russia, and to force President Donald Trump to get Congress' approval before easing any existing sanctions on Russia. Republican Senator Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, were the only two "no" votes.Many friends and colleagues told me that travelling to Iran was bound to be difficult and fraught with danger at every turn – I was told that sex, , a few of my favourite pastimes, would all be impossible while travelling in Iran…Despite almost everybody I knew having a strong opinion, there were six things that nobody told me about travel in Iran….After data entry, χ , t-test, and Pearson coefficient statistical tests were applied. Results : The overall prevalence of internet addiction was 10.8%, with moderate and severe internet addiction equal to 8% and 2.8%, respectively.Mean and standard deviation of Yang internet addiction score was calculated as 32.74±14.52.Again, thank you for your hard work to make impossibles possible. I want to thank you for having this site for all persians to see! We exchanged pictures, talked on line, on the phone and after a month he came to see me. We made plans to get married in August 2000 and we have been married for about 4 months now!!

I am a very picky person and I didn't think I could ever find some one Persian who is good enough but I did find him.

Unfortunately, travel to Iran on a British passport is impossible unless upon an organised tour, which isn’t really my style.

And so, out of desperation and the feeling that something powerful was drawing me towards this oft-described Axis of Evil, I commenced Operation ‘Become Irish’.

I’ll admit it, before I got to Iran, I was kind of expecting everybody to be wearing jet black burkahs.

I saw a total of zero women wearing burkahs during my six weeks travelling across Iran. Some Iranian women wear a chador, a loose fitting kind of robe but this is optional and mostly worn by older, more traditional, women.

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