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unceremoniously dumped fiancée Melissa Rycroft on live television after admitting he had fallen in love with that season’s runner-up, Molly Malaney.

But despite the public humiliation Rycroft subsequently experienced, the 29-year-old Texas native claims that wasn’t even her worst breakup.

Less than three weeks after she was supposedly blindsided by the country's least favorite single dad on national TV, Melissa Rycroft has found a new man.

And, in the ultimate revenge against her one-time fiance, Melissa's boyfriend shares the same first name as Jason's son. The revelation that Melissa has truly moved on caps a winning week for the spurned beauty.

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Considering she's already a mama to two kids, Melissa wasn't super worried about anything this time around.

"Emotionally, it felt so different." "There's no denying that [I was a hot mess]," she laughed. I wish growing up, my parents would have shook me a little bit and said, 'What are you doing?

You're strong, you're independent, you're your own person.' I want them to be better than I was -- especially my daughter." "I wanted love so badly, you know? "And I didn't just date and have fun being single at 22.

That dubious honor belongs to her now-husband, Tye Strickland, whom she split from shortly before she joined In the book, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader — who eventually reunited with Strickland and married him in 2009 — opens up about her experience on the hit ABC reality series.

Among her revelations: how it’s possible to fall madly in love with a guy whom you’ve just met, and whose attention you’re vying for among 24 other women. Something happens where, when you’re in it, you forget all about your real values, you forget all about your job and your bills, what your friends are doing,” she says.

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