Dating for real people

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While other streaming music services may get more buzz these days, Pandora, sitting at a comfortable market cap of 4.6 billion, is still a monster.

More importantly though, do you remember Pandora was so awesome when it first launched in 2000 and what continues to give it an edge? Specifically, people behind The Music Genome Project.

It may take time, it may be discouraging at times, but it works. Or, we hit it off (somewhat), we go along for a while and it fizzles out. I’m glad the ones I thought I wanted to work out never did. We have a ways to go to see how things work out, but I’ll tell you what, I never ever would have met him if it weren’t for online dating. I’ll be one lucky woman if I get to have him in my life. And, I’ll say this again too, I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person.

We women might meet some chumps, and for men, I know, them B’s be crazy, but have all the people you’ve met really been that bad? I meet someone, we don’t click, I never see him again. We joke, we laugh and we are the same page as far as what we want out of life. Because, if we make it all the way, if we build a life together and love one another and care about one another does it really matter that we didn’t meet in some magical fairy tale sort of way? In fact, I thank my lucky stars I had the internet because, I’ll say it again, I never would have met him any other way. If it doesn’t work out it will be because we aren’t a right fit.

"Meet people", "pen pals", "free online dating site", "real dating" - we hear these words everywhere.

Almost everyone is in a hurry to jump into the dating scene and meet someone asap, either for love or friendship.

These are people who have made a decision to find someone else to spend their life with and don’t want to waste any more of their time.

The process of finding a new friend and online dating profiles turned into "racing".

Some people forget to live when waiting for that special someone; they don't feel themselves happy being single, yet there are so many reasons to smile. You can meet singles, look through thousands of attractive photos of women and men, and find individuals in your area or worldwide with age range, personal measurements, faith, marital status, education, occupation, interests, ethnicity that suit you.

Without the chance of having met originally via the Internet, what eventually became the perfect match made in heaven – would have never happened in the first place.

While online dating sites can’t guarantee that you’ll find your Ms.

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