Who is kim hyun joong dating

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Often, during this time, he wound up at the police station for fighting.[2] By the age of 18, Kim Hyun-Joong performed in a youth band named "Aksuseu" ("악서스"), which was formed with Kim Hyun-Joong's Catholic Church friends. My favourite drama is "boys over flowers" you looks amazing in this drama & you act very well... i like your style,dressing, smile each and everything...;p;p you are just perfect.

Things changed for Kim Hyun-Joong by his middle school days.

And whilst anyone with two brain cells to rub together has obviously shown disgust at his actions (both here and throughout the rest of this case) special snowflakes still continue to leave comments on my youtube video made addressing KHJ's domestic assault.

(link to video: Domestic Violence is Never Okay (and why Kim Hyun Joong fans suck) Three weeks on now from the original article breaking about pressing charges and we have Hyun Joong admitting guilt but still running around his world tour, A potentially about to drop a lawsuit after the most fake apology in the history of all fake apologies, The Korean "justice" (for lack of a better them) system allowing this, and fans who STILL think he is innocent.

What was so amazing of all was that, there were over 1,500 fans out there in the cold to meet him early morning of Feb 11th which I’m sure more than what we all expected!

As early as 5am KHJ fans from tweeter were already busy tweeting that they were already on their way to see Hyun Joong and pictures started to pour out!

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